Today's busy couples are looking to connect with other couples and families who share the same beliefs and values. They want a place to go that will build them up when the demands of life try to tear them down. They want a safe place to raise their family. Make your Church that Place.

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Why Marriage Ministry Matters
More Today Than Ever…

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You would think that in a world inundated with instant access, it would be easy to stay connected to the ones we love. We've replaced conversation with text messaging and love letters with e-mails. Many married couples find it harder to stay connected with one another than ever before.

Knowing how to stay connected is essential to keeping a marriage strong and healthy! Couples, who have developed relationship skills and are able to rely on each other through life's struggles, are far less likely to lose their connection. They come together to work through their problems instead of withdrawing or considering divorce. They focus on understanding the real issues and emotions to move past their pain and continue their life's journey together.

The key to keeping families together is equipping couples with the know-how to nurture their marriage long past the moment they say "I Do." Marriage is a journey not a destination. The most effective way a church can insure that couples stay together and thrive is through a Marriage Ministry that supports, equips and empowers. Unless churches provide opportunities for couples to learn and apply healthy life skills, few ever learn how to care for their marriage and enjoy the blessings God intended.

A ministry dedicated to marriage blesses the Church as much as it does the families.

  • Nurtures and protects families and children
  • Prevents divorce
  • Provides opportunities for couples to learn relationship and parenting skills that are rooted in Biblical truths
  • Instills and reinforces the importance of marriage
  • Perpetuates strong role models for our children
  • Creates a powerful sense of Community within the congregation
  • Increases faith, deepens involvement and commitment to the Church
  • Reinforces the foundational support of the Church to ensure the success of all other ministries, most significantly the Children and Youth Ministries.

Strong Churches build Strong Families and Strong Families build even Stronger Churches!

Some Approaches to Marriage Ministry Last Longer Than Others…


There is a distinct approach and design to a powerful, effective and lasting marriage ministry. It is built on established marriage ministry components that are reinforced and enhanced by ongoing courses that promote growth. It meets couples where they are in their lives. It knows and understands the specific needs of its congregation and continuously focuses and adjusts to the life demands of the couples it serves.

Comprehensive Marriage Ministry... an inclusive attitude of "a little something for everyone" from newlyweds through those celebrating Golden anniversaries.

The "Building Blocks" of a Comprehensive Marriage Ministry include a wide range of marriage enrichment and family study materials, classes, workshops and events, along with counseling services and intervention programs for couples in troubled relationships. The signature element of a Comprehensive Marriage Ministry is the addition of High-impact, Life Changing Courses, that we call Transformative. Transformative marriage courses bring all of the church's marriage resources together and empower couples with knowledge, relationship skills, and a peer group to support their continued growth.

A Comprehensive Marriage Ministry lasts because no one single person or program bears the weight of the ministry. It is collaborative effort of dedicated couples and church leaders to make resources available that strengthen and deepen marital relationships. Its classes and workshops create a strong support network of couples who are committed to the same ideals and hold one another accountable for working towards building healthier marriages and families. It builds upon itself and becomes foundational to the other missions of the Church.

The Building Blocks of
Comprehensive Marriage Ministry

A Strong
Small Group
High Impact
Pastor Care

Sermon Series
Small Grouup &
Bible Classes

Transformative Courses... the Centerstone of Comprehensive Marriage Ministry

High Impact Marriage Classes are more thaninformative, they are also Transformative.

Transformative Courses bring about sustainable life change in marriage. They do the seemingly impossible... They reach into the heart, mind and soul of couples to create spiritual change, emotional growth and an increase in love. These impactful courses empower couples with the practical application to live out God's plan for marriage.

Their Difference:
Unlike traditional information-based marriage resources, transformative courses are distinctively interactive, experiential, and have a lasting impact on a couple's behavior. They guide a process that challenges and inspires couples to rethink their viewpoints and adjust their behaviors to improve how they interact with their spouse.

They combine information with attitudinal and interpersonal skills. These transformative courses focus on developing better communication, decision making, critical and creative thinking, coping and emotional skills. The unique nature of developing ones self during the course, leads couples to experience the full impact of their new behaviors and motivates them to continue improving long after the course is over.

Transformative Marriage Courses Help Couples Develop Skills to:

  • Listen and truly hear one another
  • Love one another in the way each needs to be loved
  • Pray and grow spiritually closer
  • Share in and support each other's dreams
  • Strengthen their commitment to one another and their marriage
 Dynamic Marriage

Our Building Blocks for your
Marriage Ministry

Family Dynamics Institute offers classes, workshops, home study materials and intensives that form the Building Blocks of solid marriage ministry.

Just like Marriage, our workshops and classes are all about working together. They are designed to allow couples to learn life skills and lessons through guided interaction with their spouse... each couple teams up to know themselves and each other at a deeper, more intimate level.

All of our marriage courses are educational, motivational, and interactive. They guide a process, not just teach material. They take couples through a distinctive learning experience that provokes thought and inspires change. They compel couples to develop new life skills that lead to a deeper level of appreciation for one another, their relationship and their family.

The signature elements of our classes and workshops:

  • Uniquely delivered through Experiential Learning: a combination of visual, auditory and kinetic styles with interactive reinforcement exercises
  • Focus on achieving more desirable outcomes through guiding a process not just teaching content
  • Require developing effective communication skills, which are key to having successful relationships in life
  • Develop a better understanding of self and spouse
  • Combination of Biblical truths, new ideas and sound research from various marriage resources

View Our Building Blocks Below

About Family Dynamics Institute

Building Stronger Marriages & Ministries since 1994

We are a non-profit Christian ministry committed to developing and providing hands-on marriage resources that make a real difference in the lives of today's busy couples.

We partner with couples and churches to build powerful Comprehensive Marriage Ministries by providing training for leaders, courses that bring about change in marriage, inspirational workshops, and intensive retreats that save troubled marriages.

Along with training couples and church leaders in Marriage Ministry, we develop interactive courses and workshops that combine a solid knowledge of Scripture along with consistent application of marriage principles. Our approach delivers one of the most comprehensive and effective marriage programs available to churches that changes lives and strengthens marriages. Over 65,000 couples have experienced these life changing courses. Since 1994, we have brought our training workshops and classes throughout the world, supporting Christian values, marriages and families.

Family Dynamics Institute is committed to being a primary force in reducing the national divorce rate. We are continually working to ensure that today's children grow up to become tomorrow's Christian families.

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Comprehensive Marriage Ministry Building Blocks

Family Dynamics Institute offers classes, workshops, home study materials and intensives that form the Building Blocks of solid marriage ministry.

Dynamic Marriage
Dynamic Marriage
Life Skills Course That Promotes Real and Lasting Change Learn More
Grow in Your Faith and Your Marriage Learn More
Facilitator Training
Facilitator Training
Weekend Training Seminar to Lead High Impact Courses Learn More
A New Beginning
A New Beginning
A Turnaround Workshop for Troubled Marriages Learn More
iVow is an online marriage course that teaches you how to grow stronger in your marriage. iVow
Successful  Stepfamilies
Successful Stepfamilies
An In-home Study for the Blended Family Learn More
Fight Less Love More
Fight Less Love More
Build Vital Communication Skills Learn More
Marriage by the BOOK
Marriage by the BOOK
A Small Group Study About Modeling the Love of Christ Learn More
Dynamic Families
Dynamic Families
An Interactive study into theDynamic of Healthy Families Learn More
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